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Show Cues 2.8

- updated media controls with iOS 7 style appearance
- added loop individual track setting - track repeats until the Fade button is pressed
- added auto fade option to individual track settings
- added total time display to playlist table
- added manual timer start option (touch timer to start)
- added a feature to stop timer before reset
- decimals can now be used when setting start and stop points in track settings
- prevent skipping. When fade is pressed without enough time left to fade, Show Cues will jump to next track.
- fix for loading empty playlist crash
- fixed done button position on delay input for 4" screen
- fixed issue when using track volume, jump and auto play at the same time
- added pop-up warning for first track controls
- added ability to use duplicate tracks

Show Cues 2.7

– optimized for iOS 7
– added save playlists
– option to display track numbers next to titles
– new individual track settings screen
– option to rename tracks in the app
– option to set track start and stop times
– tracks numbered in table list
– stop music on exit
– fixed reset timer
– full background color warning on timer alarms
– added double press protection buffer on play/pause/fade option
– adjusted start-up curtain length
– changed play view curtains to open horizontally
– fixed next track title display bug
– new keypads

Show Cues 2.6

— fixed play/pause/fade bug
— connected play/pause/fade button to fade button in settings
— added swipe gesture to info screens
— improved battery images
— changed low battery red image to green when charging
— restore volume to pre-Show Cues level on exit
— default curtain adjusted for 3.5 and 4 inch screens

Show Cues 2.5 (fixed in iPad 2.4)

— fixed play pause fade bug

Show Cues 2.4

— updated instructions welcome icon photo
— custom CD activity indicator
— added play-view skins
— optimized cue sheet code
— stop music when leaving play-view
— fixed volume after using jump with individual track volume.
— set which track to start timer
— selected values now displayed in settings table cells
— new settings display
— added battery level monitor
— adjusted track title label sizes
— adjusted cue sheet with larger color border
— added buffer for play/pause fade button
— optimized Play-view for 4 inch screen
— fixed fade duration bug

Show Cues 2.3

— If music is playing, the back button goes to track start
— Settings screen updated
— About screen updated
— Improved init screen graphic
— Fixed hangup on fresh installs
— Disabled buttons while countdown delay is counting
— Disabled play/delay on track 1 due to init process
— Adjust font to fit also adjusts next track title
— Animated next track title appear
— Faster track time display
— Auto save settings
— Play view sliding animation
— Prevent button press during fade
— Added activity indicator to init view
— Initialization now silent
— Fixed fade duration bug
— programmable remote center button
a) play a selected track at anytime
b) use as fade button
c) use as pause button (useful if using magnetic switch because it has no pause button)

Show Cues 2.2

— saving settings bug fix

Show Cues 2.1

—added master volume control
—master volume returns after track volume
—fixed add tracks to playlist
—cue sheets now stay displayed when switch is on
—added jump button to jump directly to next track overriding fade
—added play/pause fade option
—cue sheet border changes to show playback state
—fixed delay timer image on countdown
—animated Play/Pause button
—added a view to prevent pressing controls until initialization is done
—prevented double pressing fade button

Show Cues 2.0 (Min requirement now iOS 6.0)

— completely re-written for better performance
— perfect smooth software fade
— save and auto-load last used playlist
— airplay support
— better volume control
— can use iTunes track comments for cue sheets
— updated instructions
— updated controls
— locked play view landscape mode
— after track fades, volume returns to pre-fade level

Show Cues 1.4

— better remote control handling
— changed pause track title background (clear/pause) (yellow/next track ready)
— fixed rotation
— fixed iTunes iPad review link

Show Cues 1.3 (Min requirement now iOS 4.3)

— fixed bug in fadeout all
— touch cue sheet once to hide and play track
— close exits app, no running background
— added count up timer option
— fixed auto play after adding tracks bug
— fixed audio up and down bug
— added 24 hour clock option
— resized cue sheet
— adjustable font sizes in cue sheet
— color band for easy playback state visual indicator
— added countdown timer reset with a touch of timer on screen
— track font is larger size when clock and timer not used
— or next track display not used
— user selects fade out duration (default 5)
— user selects track title maximum size or fit to screen
— option to fade pause without advancing track and resume where you left off.
— individual track volume
— individual track play thru or pause
— link to iTunes review page
— link to Facebook page
— delay play (set #of seconds before track starts after play button pressed)
— fixed bleed over on very short tracks
— cue sheet settings page show track title
— cue sheet settings now attached to track title (do not use duplicate names)
— update settings appearance
— individual settings page now shows the track title
— individual track settings are saved with each track
— added volume bar to play view
— updated help file and manual
— added button changes on highlight
— added text box borders
— change table background
— change auto play and pause buttons
— removed auto fade all (not necessary and caused problems)
— changed settings background
— added visual countdown for delay play

Show Cues 1.2

— added show track time display
— added switch to turn on/off next track title display
— added switch to turn on/off track time display
— added the add tracks to table feature
— added remote control fade visual indicator
— added more alarm sounds
— added fade-in option
— added email support link
— fixed edit tracks in table view reload
— fixed next track title bug
— allow app to go to background and then resume
— music will now stop when App exists
— adjusted play/fade button
— better memory management
— red indicator during fade until next track is ready
— updated menu and settings screens
— updated instructions
— updated video


— added volume slider
— added no pause option
— added auto fade all option
— added play/fade option
— added larger playback-state indicators
— added volume up and down with remote
— added table view for cue sheets (50)
— added edit and reorder tracks
— added next track title display
— new instructions and video
— new play buttons
— new timer and alarm keypads
— new settings screen


The remote control lists a 150 ft range but I am told it can go as much as 250ft. The remote uses SuperHet technology and is very reliable.

IMPORTANT: When connecting the remote and dock — Plug in the dock first, wait 3 seconds and then plug in the cable.

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