True Lies iPhone App Review From: The December 2011 MUM magazine / The Society of American Magicians Tech Tricks Column by Bruce Kalver

A Lie Detector based on your voice

We've reached a point in magic apps where most f the methods are now known. A swipe, a secret touch, or a look in the right spot is usually the secret. For now, the surprise method is no surprise. The thing that makes a magic app stand out for me is the routine. Will it be entertaining or will it be an obvious puzzle that has no real entertainment value? The new Carl Andrews/Gregory Wilson app, True Lies, falls under the entertainment category.

The spectator writes down the name of a card. The app then asks three questions to which the spectator can lie or tell the truth. The app correctly identifies the lies as they come up and ultimately comes up with the card.

I have shown this around to a group of computer geeks and they actually believed that this app can tell if they are telling the truth by their voice. They actually went into a long discussion about the involuntary inflections in a person's voice and how that can be a "tell" to the app. I then asked them if they wanted to pay a game of cards with me and they all yelled no and left the room. The method is super simple so you can concentrate on the presentation. The graphics look cool and realistic as they chart the spectator's voice patterns. This one goes on my iPhone's home screen. True Lies is available in the iTunes App Store for $4.99

Astonishing iPhone Apps!

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